We believe in the power of data to transform the music industry.

Why Next Big Sound?

We believe that data has the power to transform the music industry as it has transformed the fields of finance, weather and sports before. By tracking every fan interaction across every artist in the world—from social to sales, from purchases to plays—the insights we generate can reshape the way artists are discovered, marketed, and improve the speed with which they can build lasting and prosperous careers.

The listening, discovery, and purchasing decisions of millions of consumers has moved online and the pace of this transition is only accelerating.

What if we could measure every interaction between artists and fans around the globe?

Every listen on the radio, every play on YouTube, every mention and follow on Twitter, every purchase on iTunes, and every concert and press mention? What would that tell us about the pulse of humanity? About the rhythm of the planet? And how would that data help artists intelligently market to their fans and spread their music worldwide?

Why the music industry?

In the last 25+ years, the music industry has seen a well publicized shift from physical CDs to digital formats and the Internet has very publicly reinvented how music is marketed and consumed. It is one of the first industries to move completely online and thus, the measurability from awareness to engagement and ultimately revenue can be realized. While traditional indicators, such as radio airplay, still hold value, music fans have spoken with their listening and purchasing behavior and convinced an entire industry to recognize the power of social and streaming services.

The connection to a favorite artist, or affinity towards a type of music, starts early in life and is one of the most powerful bonds on the planet. Music is a part of every single culture around the world and has been a core part of the human experience since the beginning of recorded time. Humanity’s collective online behavior bears this out, as the top acts across all networks are overwhelmingly musicians and music videos. Next Big Sound is built to translate the data around this reality to our clients and support a growing and prosperous music industry for the decades to come.

Next Big Sound delivers data that helps tens of thousands of artists and industry professionals around the world make decisions on a daily basis.

Since launching in 2009, we have collected 4+ years of public social data for hundreds of thousands of artists. We correlate this data with proprietary sales and streaming numbers for over 85% of the recorded music industry, shared with us by our clients on a daily basis. These trusted partnerships with labels, artist managers, publishers, agents, and major technology leaders, are a large part of what makes Next Big Sound the definitive analytics and insights provider for the music industry.

To support this mission our top-notch team of is comprised of big data infrastructure specialists and performing singer/songwriters. In our offices in downtown Manhattan data visualization experts sit next to data journalists and former New York Yankee and National Security Agency data scientists. Physics PhD. graduates grab beers after work with former hedge fund engineers and senior music industry veterans — each a storyteller in their respective craft, leaving their mark on our products in a march to bring analytics and insights to the music industry.

If you are interested in building a world-class company to service the multi billion-dollar business of music, please be in touch.

The Team

Investors & Advisors

Foundry Group IA Ventures Techstars

Next Big Sound's investors are Foundry Group, IA Ventures, SoftTechVC, Alsop Louie Partners, and angel investors including David Cohen, Troy Henikoff, Peter Zandan and David Cancel.

Board of Directors

Jason Mendelson
Foundry Group
Brad Gillespie
IA Ventures
Brad Navin
The Orchard

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