Welcome to Spotify’s Next Big Sound Analytics Authorization Page

Artists and managers, see how many times your songs are being played on Spotify through analytics provider Next Big Sound.

Since we respect every artist’s privacy, we kindly request that you only apply for access to data related to your own music or that of artists you manage directly.

Submit Request for Access

  • 1Request access using your artist or management domain email address.
  • 2 Wait for your request to be approved by the Spotify team.
  • 3 See your artist’s Spotify data in Next Big Sound!
Artists: request yourself. Managers: only requests artists who you directly manage.

Please be prepared to provide proof of authenticity of identity for the artist(s) you have requested access.

Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound and Spotify have partnered to help artists and artist management know how their music is being consumed on Spotify.

Next Big Sound measures daily music consumption and purchase decisions around the globe, making it all available in a single dashboard. From Facebook page likes to sales, Next Big Sound combines artist activity with context that helps the modern music industry make informed decisions.